Converting Original E-jet paints to Revision 3

Here is a guide on how to convert an existing original release E-Jet Paint to a Revision 3 compliant paint. This guide is written assuming use of Photoshop with DDS plugin. If you do not have this then GIMP can be substituted but will require exporting the final product to a BMP and then converting it to DDS through Imagetool or DXTBmp. For this example I will be using Kyle’s American Eagle Republic paint.


1) Open the “RFSL_E175_rev3_T.psd” from the Revision 3 E-175 Paintkit. (Download). Select the folder “Place Existing Paint In Here”.


2) Open the “RAI_E175_T.DDS” of the paint to convert. Select All (Ctrl+A) and Copy (Ctrl+C). Then go back to the paint kit and Paste (Ctrl+V). Paint should now be on a new layer in the “Place Existing Paint In Here” folder.


3) Save the file back in the original paint folder, overwriting the original “RAI_E175_T.DDS” file of the paint.


4) Rename “RAI_E175_T.DDS” to “RFSL_E175_rev3_T.DDS”. Delete “RAI_E175_L.DDS” and Copy over the “RFSL_E175_rev3_L.DDS” file from the paint kit.


Paint is now Revision 3 ready.